Daisy creates handmade, funky, high quality products for customers all over the world

Hi! I’m Daisy and I design and handcraft fun and funky items that make great gifts for friends or as a treat for yourself! If you’re looking for something a little bit different, you’re in the right place!


Green Daisy

I have a range of bags and accessories which are made using recycled materials – denim jeans, corduroy, tweed, tartans, checks and any other awesome fabrics that I might find. I adore bringing a new life to unwanted or damaged items, using the process of recycling and upcycling.

After cleaning and deconstructing, different fabrics are reused and combined into a new and unique product.

By buying a bag from my Green Daisy range you contribute to a more sustainable society. My products are unique, one of a kind! The exact same bag is never made. I don’t do mass production, but I do slow fashion!


Some featured items from my shop

I love sourcing awesome fabrics and creating items that I would love to buy.

Denim fabric is one of the few things in life that actually looks and feels better as it ages.

I create designs so we can express our playful personalities no matter what age we are.


Check out my shop for amazing deals on hot items

From time to time certain products may be discounted and you will see these items in the sale shop.

I am regularly designing and creating new items.

You can find out about some of the new projects and ideas I am working on by visiting my news page or following me on social media.